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Summer 2022

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Bruce Boyles


As beginning teachers face challenges and seek support, many never receive the guidance needed to help them become effective teachers. Lack of support can build obstacles that lead to job dissatisfaction and failure to retain teachers. Nationwide, states have adopted legislation to require induction programs for new teachers to improve teacher retention and student achievement.

This study evaluated the components of a beginning teacher support program in a small rural school district and the perceptions of beginning teacher participants, mentors, and school administrators. In addition, this program evaluation aimed to identifying areas of strength and weaknesses. The analysis of the quantitative and qualitative data collected reveals three main themes: addressing the needs of BTs, lead mentors, and administrators; curriculum and instructional support; and resources to assist BTs with licensure requirements and relevant professional learning opportunities.

Based on the analysis of the data collected, recommendations for future research are included. Both the quantitative and qualitative data collected reveal that the beginning teacher support program is practical and beneficial, but there is a need to enhance professional development opportunities for all stakeholders and a need for adequate resources and support throughout a professional development model.


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