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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Doug Eury


This dissertation was designed to examine the relationship between the specific transformational leadership behaviors that relate to impacting or enhancing teachers’ self-efficacy. The need to better understand leadership models that provide for more self-effective instructors is integral in building a strong educational system. Previous research had yet to explore specific dynamics of transformational leadership and define whether or not it has any impact on teacher self-efficacy.

The study was conducted utilizing a single school district in the southeastern United States. Three schools within the system representing elementary, middle, and high school levels were studied. Instructors at each school were given the opportunity to respond to a two-part survey to help identify transformational leadership characteristics of their building leader as well as define their own individual self-efficacy. Quantitative data showcased a correlation between transformational leadership behaviors and teacher self-efficacy values. Qualitative interview data provided specific transformational leadership behaviors that helped to enhance teacher self-efficacy.

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