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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Steven Bingham


The relationship between student performance and instructor effectiveness has been the subject of pedagogical studies for numerous years. The purpose of this project was to determine the extent to which student feedback could positively impact instructor performance, thus influencing student performance and achievement. Additionally, North Carolina instructors are evaluated based on student performance. The evaluations are represented by three colors: red, green, and blue. Instructors who are assessed as “red” are ineffective. Instructors who are assessed as “green” are minimally effective. Instructors who are assessed as “blue” are exceedingly effective. For a minimum of 3 consecutive school semesters, I provided my enrolled students with the opportunity to assess the quality of my instruction and my instructional environment. Based on the results of the survey, I made modifications to my instructional climate. The survey asked students to assess me on my effectiveness as an instructor, their preparedness on the state end-of-course exam, and the aesthetics of the classroom. The results of the survey led me to monitor the length and quality of lectures and focus on student-centered learning. In lieu of a traditionally lecture-intensive course structure, students are encouraged to explore and investigate on their own. Also, the aesthetics of the classroom were modified to include student artwork utilized as décor and music playing softly as students complete assignments. Prior to the implementation this consultancy project, I was an ineffective instructor for 2 consecutive years. During the inaugural stages of the consultancy project (2015), I received “effective” ratings. During the actual implementation of the consultancy project (2016 and 2017), I received “exceedingly effective” ratings.

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