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In the modern church, it is not uncommon for churches to be comprised of congregations that worship at multiple locations offering several worship times and some even offering a virtual worship experience. In order to effectively manage Sunday worship along with other church activities, churches rely heavily on their congregants to volunteer in the various church ministries. The need for actively engaged volunteers is only amplified when the resources are spread across multiple campuses. The Park Church is one of those churches presented with the challenge of Improving Ministerial Effectiveness at a Multi-Site Church.

The Park Church desired to improve ministerial effectiveness by targeting two areas: ministry leadership/accountability and new member engagement. Through numerous surveys, interviews with ministry and church leaders, and ministry observations, The Park Church discovered the need for a dedicated team with a focus on member engagement and creating a highly relational interaction between the church and members. The Step Up Engagement Ministry, led by Minister Kim Morrison, was created to support these efforts. The central focus of the ministry was to increase volunteerism and improve ministry impact. The ministry team was strategically selected and is comprised of individuals from various professional backgrounds that include volunteer support, leadership development, and marketing.

Throughout the duration of this project, Randa M. Ross (January 2015) and Lyndon Robinson (June 2016) served as members of the Step Up Engagement Ministry in a consultancy capacity and conducted interviews, observations, and surveys to gather data from active ministry leaders and new church members. The evidence of this work resulted in the creation of an action plan that will serve as the fundamental work of the Step Up Engagement Ministry.

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