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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Jeffrey Hamilton


The purpose of this project was to lead The Banker’s House through a strategic planning process. Our overarching goal was to systematically plan for the self-sustainability of The Banker’s House organization. Through the strategic planning sessions, four committees were established as well as sub-goals for reaching toward organizational self-sustainability. The four committees – Program Development, Finance & Operations, Marketing, and Quality Assurance – have own their strategic initiatives and provide an organized approach to measuring and monitoring progress. A new organization mission statement emerged early in the process, guiding the formulation of the committee goals. Over the three-year consultancy experience, the organization has achieved nearly all goals noted on the three-year plan and will soon undergo another strategic planning experience at the conclusion of 2018. The consultancy experience catalyzed momentum for the organization by providing a partner at no expense to help create, plan, organize, deliver, mobilize, and execute a strategic planning process that qualified the goals for organizational success.

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