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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Jeffrey Hamilton


The purpose of the project was to provide an opportunity for adult learners at Gardner-Webb University to collectively engage in professional development within their program of study. Specifically, the program was designed to harness an adult learner’s prior knowledge, skills, and life experiences as an enhancement to his or her future professional work.

At the beginning of the project, no established professional development program was available for adult learners. The development of the Adult Learner Professional Readiness Experience Program (AL-PREP) allowed the aforementioned purpose to align with Gardner-Webb curriculum.

Goals, objectives, and data collection methods were established in order to best discern appropriate avenues forward, which may be reviewed through this executive summary. The conclusion of the project led to the development of a professional development-based course in Human Services as well as a policy proposal for full integration of unified professional development competencies throughout the Degree Completion Program at Gardner-Webb University.

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