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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Jeffrey Hamilton


Igniting the Fire: Creating a Bachelor of Science in Fire Service Administration at Gardner-Webb University is a doctoral project that created a professional education program for a liberal arts university. During this project, the major issues that were discovered included there was no school or college within the university to house the program, creating and maintaining buy in from administration and the faculty, creating a rigorous academic curriculum, locating the advisory committee, creation of a communication and media plan that would reach our targeted students, applying for approval from our regional accrediting body, and registering students. At the time of the executive summary being written, Gardner-Webb University has created the School of Public Service which includes this program and Criminal Justice and Human Services. Administration and the faculty have voted to approve the program and have sent a prospectus to their regional accrediting body for approval of this program. Gardner-Webb University is hiring a coordinator for this program who will recruit the advisory committee. The Fire Service Administration Program has adopted and revised the National Fire Academy’s Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education curriculum. Degree Completion Enrollment has taken the media and communication plans and have implemented them. At this time, we have 14 students enrolled for the first semester.

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