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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Jeffrey Hamilton


This project seeks to explore the concept of aromatherapy as an intervention for undergraduate nursing student test anxiety in greater depth. Test anxiety is significant in nursing education because of the high stakes weight of exams and difficulties associated with answering multiple choice and multiple response questions. Historically, the Hunt School of Nursing has not provided specific procedures or interventions to assist students with test anxiety; however, this project seeks to outline a pathway for the development and achievement of a successful aromatherapy program for undergraduate students. On an informal trial basis, the use of aromatherapy lotions prior to exams has initiated a positive instructor and student professional relationship and a positive response to the use of essential oil-based lotions. A literature search yielded aromatherapy as an appropriate and effective intervention for the management of nursing student test anxiety. Future implications for this project may involve managing graduate student test anxiety, development of a calming room for students to assist with clearing the mind before an exam, and implementation of the project by the Hunt School of Nursing or Gardner-Webb University as a whole.

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