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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Morgan Blanton


The purpose of this study was to extend the Bowles (2014) study in North Carolina to (a) determine the relationship between the scores of the North Carolina beginning-of-grade (BOG) and end-of-grade (EOG) reading assessments, the scores of the mClass Text Reading and Comprehension (TRC) assessment, and the scores of the CogAT assessment; and (b) determine the degree the TRC, CogAT, and NC BOG predict scores on the NC EOG reading assessment in third-grade classrooms of nine elementary schools. This study was conducted in two parts to best address the research questions. The first part consisted of descriptive, variance, and inferential statistics calculated by demographic variables. This part described the strength of the relationship between the predictor variable (BOG, TRC, and CogAT) and the EOG score on the reading assessment. The second part consisted of calculating multiple regression analyses using the assessment scores. This part described the predictability of BOG, TRC, and CogAT to student scale scores on the reading comprehension portion of the EOG.

This study found that there was a positive correlation and a strong relationship between the NC BOG and NC EOG. The NC BOG scores were statistically significant when predicting the NC reading EOG. Additionally, the second and third grade EOG TRC and the NC EOG had a strong positive correlation and relationship. This study will be important for educators to accurately base instructional decisions on existing and newly collected data.

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