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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Stephen Laws


The purpose of this study was to examine the perceptions of elementary teachers teaching the Eureka Math program using a mixed methods approach. The participants were Grades K-5 elementary teachers from 10 elementary schools within the same school district located in the southwestern region of North Carolina. Quantitative data were collected via a 4-point Likert scale survey distributed via Google Forms. Qualitative data were collected via an open-ended question from the survey and an interview group. The data were collected to answer the research question, “How do elementary teachers experience teaching mathematics using the Eureka Math program?” The researcher designed the survey around the four components of the elementary Eureka Math lesson plan. Interview group questions were developed following an analysis of data from the survey and open-ended responses to gain a deeper understanding of teacher experiences and confidence to teach the Eureka Math components. Data analysis of the interview group responses entailed the researcher identifying meta-themes, themes, and patterns, which further validated survey responses. The researcher found participants in this study confident to teach all four components of the Eureka Math lesson plan. Recommendations for future research included conducting a study with students and parents to further determine their confidence levels regarding the four components of the Eureka Math program.

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