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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Steven Bingham


This study examined how a literacy program, On Our Way to English® (OWE), for English Learners (ELs) was implemented in one North Carolina public school district. The program contained the elements of phonics, vocabulary, reading, and writing instruction. The researcher collected documents from participants as well as conducted observations of teachers implementing the program with ELs while taking field notes. The data collected were analyzed to determine how competent the participants felt in implementing the program with EL students and how it impacted their academic success. The participants’ strengths were with using the vocabulary and writing instruction provided by the program, yet they expressed concerns with the reading comprehension and phonics portions of the program. The findings proved that English as a Second Language teachers in this study spent quality time on teaching students vocabulary and were comfortable doing so just as the program prompted them to do. Furthermore, the participants also appeared comfortable with using the writing strategies the OWE program offered for EL students as well. The data revealed their frustrations about having a lack of time to work on the phonics instruction offered by the program, so they tend to pick and choose what they feel is most important for their students’ success.

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