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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Morgan Blanton


Phenomenological research in education, especially regarding curriculum, is rare. Curriculum change in the state has occurred seven times since 2002, and more so in each district with material adoption. This descriptive phenomenological research study describes the experiences of elementary educators through changing math curriculums. To collect data, the researcher interviewed 10 elementary math teachers including a pilot interview. Using a purposeful, convenience sample, three participants from three different schools participated in this study to ensure validity and reliability. After conducting semi-structured interviews, the researcher followed protocol for descriptive phenomenological research and analyzed the data for meaning units that described how changing math curriculums affected teachers’ resiliency through those changes. The findings supported the idea that participants exhibited high levels of resiliency as well as an overall positive shift in their students’ understanding of number sense. Findings also indicated participants felt supported in curriculum change and overwhelmingly sought support in collaboration with colleagues.

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