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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Kelly Clark


The global workforce is constantly changing. Students sitting in today’s classrooms are being prepared for jobs that do not currently exist. Students must graduate ready to be problem solvers, collaborators, and self-starters. Students must become in charge of their learning, and teachers must possess the skill set in order to facilitate this kind of learning. As a result, many states and school districts are implementing personalized learning. This study provides a program evaluation of the implementation of personalized learning, and focused primarily on the implementation of student data notebooks and teacher-shared flexible grouping and measured teacher efficacy and student achievement as a result. Findings from this study indicated that while the implementation of personalized learning is still in the beginning stages, the structures of student data notebooks and flexible learning groups are in place. While there were not significant changes in the area of student achievement in this study, teachers now have higher levels of efficacy. As the implementation of personalized learning continues, it is the hope that student achievement will increase as a result of the teachers’ growing levels of efficacy. Recommendations include the continued growth of collective efficacy, collaboration with other districts implementing personalized learning, and a focus on professional development on instructional strategies to support student individualization and student creativity. The results of this study could be useful to district leaders, school leaders, and teachers as they continue to implement personalized learning.

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