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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Jenny Sabin


This case study focused on the perceptions from students, family members, and faculty of students utilizing programs funded by the College STAR grant. The College STAR grant provides funds to welcome and support students with unique learning needs. As a newer initiative, minimal data exist on college students’ utilization of the resources provided by College STAR. The success of these students was the focus of this research. An analysis of feedback from one of the three participating universities including faculty members, family perspectives, and student qualities was conducted. This qualitative research approach consisted of a six-part design to collect and analyze data.

Through the interviews conducted, College STAR was determined to have an overall positive effect on students. This grant offered assistance such as guidance with time management, mentors, and a specific tutoring center that accommodated participating students with a smaller, less invasive space for studying. Parents expressed how these services introduced their students to others with similar needs and gave them additional support needed, while in college. Two of the three professors interviewed were less knowledgeable about College STAR; however, all three professors were actively engaged with the participating students and were able to detail the positive impact College STAR had on teaching their students to reach out, advocate, and sustain themselves. The foundation built by the College STAR grant is tremendous, and it is only just beginning.

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