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Master of Arts (MA)

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Jennifer Buckner


The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of several intrinsic or non-cognitive factors that can positively influence successful collegiate writing. Using college writing as a forum for exploring intrinsic traits such as curiosity, grit, self-efficacy, time management, organization, and a growth mindset, reveals success stories in this qualitative study. Since writing clearly connects to the vicissitudes students experience, it serves as an appropriate means of measuring intrinsic characteristics. This study entwines student experiences with cognitive theorists to generate benefits for students, high school teachers, and college professors. Through extension, the power of mentors, the growth mindset, and intrinsic elements formulate some new ideas for colleges to contemplate when accepting potential applicants. Rather than place all weight on standardized test scores or GPA’s, colleges should also consider intrinsic characteristics. Through increased awareness and instruction techniques, both high school teachers and college professors can accentuate the intrinsic elements of their student writers, helping them become better students and citizens.

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