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Master of Arts (MA)

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Jennifer Buckner


Today’s society requires students to be knowledgeable in both content and skill to be successful. In the secondary classroom it is important to fully prepare students for their futures in the post-secondary classroom or for their career, and through the implementation of Common Core State Standards, this focus has been emphasized in educational pedagogy. This thesis outlines a study and the implications of the perceptions of teachers and students on utilizing 21st century skills in the secondary English classroom through the implementation of multiliterate assignments. This thesis outlines reasons for the study, important terminology to ground the study, the methodology, the results, and conclusions of the study. This research was designed to understand: how student and teachers believe multiliterate assignments impact students’ ability to utilize 21st century skills; how those 21st century skills are present in multiliterate assignments; and what effects the use of 21st century skills have on the mastery of course content. The study focuses on a qualitative approach to analyzing if teachers and students believe that multiliterate assignments help to facilitate the use of the 21st century skills of communication, creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Through surveys and reflection data collection, teachers and students indicated that multiliterate assignments do facilitate the use of the four main 21st century skills that are needed for college, career, and life. This research indicates that utilizing multiliterate assignments in the English classroom can benefit students in preparing for life outside of high school.

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