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Table of Contents

Value and Importance of Piano Duet and Ensemble Playing

Observation in Piano Playing (interview with Teresa Carreño)

Exercises for the Thumb

Higher Attributes of the Ideal Teacher

Start Teaching Expression Early

How to Put Rhythmic Swing Into Your Playing

Character in Piano Playing

Practical Ideas in Getting Pupils

Practical Methods of Teaching the Amateur

Proper Use of the Fermata

Recipe for Making Musicians

Inspiration and Wisdom from Beethoven: A Series of Carefully Selected Paragraphs from Beethoven's Collected Works, Giving an Insight to the Master's Lofty Artistic Ideals and Philosophical Opinions

Eye-Training and Musical Memory

Etude Master Study Page—Mendelssohn

Pianist's Debt to Clementi

Interpretation Work with Advanced Pupils

Musical Thought and Activity Over the Seas

How Tchaikovsky Composed: Selected from the Personal Diary and Letters of the Famous Russian Master

How Beethoven Played Beethoven

Pupils Need Encouragement

Well Known Composers ot To-day—J.P. Ludebuehl

Bad Technical Habits Piano Students Should Avoid

Lesson Upon the Schubert-Liszt Hark, Hark, the Lark

Is the Removal of the Tonsils an Undesirable Operation?

Chord Playing as a Help to Arpeggios

Erratic Impressario of Covent Garden

Practical Piano Chair

Musical Memorizing in a Nutshell

Conductor's Uncertain Beat

Missed Music Lesson as an English Teacher Sees It

Wrist Exercise that Children Like

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Theodore Presser Company


Lynchburg, VA


Teresa Carreno, Frederic Corder, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Ludebuehl


Monthly departmental articles (e.g. Violin Questions, Band and Orchestra Department, etc.) have been omitted from the Table of Contents as well as monthly miscellany (e.g. World of Music, New Records, etc.). For a detailed index of articles, see Dr. Pam Dennis’s An Index to Articles Published in The Etude Magazine, 1883-1957 Part 1 and Part 2 (published by A-R Editions and the Music Library Association). An index to the musical scores included in each issue may be found in Dr. Douglas Bomberger’s An Index to Music Published in The Etude Magazine, 1883–1957 (also published by the Music Library Association).

Volume 32, Number 02 (February 1914)
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