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This guest book holds records of dinner parties, teas, luncheons, meetings, and events hosted by Fay Webb Gardner at her residence in Washington, D.C. and who attended. Governor O.Max Gardner passed on February 6, 1947, so some records are before his death and others are after. Notable guests include: Perle Mesta, President Harry Truman, Alben Barkley, Stanley Reed, John Garner, Elliott Roosevelt, Josiah Bailey, Kenneth Royall, and John Morton Downey.

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Fay Webb Gardner


Washington, D.C.


Fay Webb Gardner, O. Max Gardner, Washington, D.C., DAR, Josiah Bailey, Stanley Reed, Lindsay Carter Warren, John Garner, Walter George, Robert Rice Reynolds, John Walter Lambeth, Albert Cox, James Crawford Biggs, A.W. McLean, Elliott Roosevelt, Philip Johnson, Ralph Gardner, Morris Sheppard, Daniel C. Roper, Sulgrave Club, Richard Russell, Jr., Alben Barkley, Marvin McIntyre, R.D.W. Connor, Harold Cooley, H.E.C. Bryant, E.Y. Webb, W.E. Brock, Kenneth Royall, Myron Cramer, Clark Woodward, Paul Brown, John Morton Downey, Oscar Cox, Woman's Democratic Club, Chapman Revercomb, J. Lawton Collins, Harry F. Byrd, Omar Bradley, Louis A. Johnson, Walter Wyatt, James E. Webb, William Y. Webb, Perle Mesta, Fred Vinson, Sir Oliver Franks, Tom Clark, Sir Carl Berendsen, Clark Clifford, Jefferson Jackson Dinner, O. Max Gardner, Jr., Harry S. Truman, Harry Vaughn, Drew Pearson


The Fay Webb Gardner Collection is housed at the Gardner-Webb University Archives. The collection has been digitized through a gift of the O. Max Gardner Foundation, Inc.

Guest Book, Washington DC