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This guest book contains signatures of guests of the North Carolina Governor's Mansion, where Max and Fay Webb Gardner lived, from 1929-1932. Guests of the Gardner's at their Raleigh residence serves as a record of dinner parties, luncheons, holidays, meetings, and teas and who attended. Notable guests include: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Charles B. Aycock, Josephus Daniels, A.W. McLean, Anthony J. Drexel Biddle, Jr., W.P. Few, George W. Truett, Henry Luce, Frances Perkins and Al E. Smith.

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Fay Webb Gardner


Raleigh, North Carolina


Fay Webb Gardner, O. Max Gardner, James L. Webb, Madge Webb Riley, Ralph Gardner, James Webb Gardner, Cameron Morrison, Charles B. Aycock, John Kerr, A.H. Graham, J.M. Broughton, Harry Chase, Edwin M. Gill, Ben Dixon MacNeil, Josephus Daniels, A.W. McLean, Robert Bruce Etheridge, W.P. Stacy, John Sanford Martin, Thurmond Chatham, H.G. Chatham, Duke Foundation, Anthony J. Drexel Biddle, Jr., W.P. Few, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George W. Truett, Cecelia Music Club, Chuck Collins, UNC Chapel Hill, Henry F. Byrd, Philip Hale, Clarence Poe, Stuart Cramer, Robert E. Lee Foundation, Henry Louis Smith, Huntley Spaulding, Francis P. Gaines, E.C. Brooks, Clarence A. Barbour, John J. Parker, W.J. McGlothlin, Lindsay Warren, Henry Luce, J.W. Umstead, Walter Lambeth, Sumner Burgwyn, Gurney Hood, Preston Woodall, Frances Perkins, Ralph VanLandingham

Guest Book, 1929-1932 North Carolina Executive Mansion