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Fall 2021

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Tina Lewis


The COVID-19 pandemic inadvertently caused one of the greatest nursing labor shortages in history. Many healthcare organizations were forced to rely on external agency nurses to staff their organizations and care for large volumes of patients. The high demand for these nurses caused an increase in costs for external contracted labor. The costs of external agency use became financially devastating for healthcare organizations who had not budgeted for this expense and still the external agency use did not resolve the issue of nursing labor shortages. Learning and recovering from the labor and financial costs of the COVID-19 pandemic requires an internal resolution to long-term staffing needs. Implementation of an internal agency can resolve staffing needs within an organization without relying on contracted labor externally. An internal agency pool can be a catalyst to nursing retainment, decreasing nurse turnover and increasing nursing engagement within their organizations.

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