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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Vickie Walker


Nurses' perceptions of barriers may influence the type of pain control options offered to women in labor. While effective in relieving low-back pain associated with labor, nurses rarely utilize intradermal sterile water injections for women during labor. Using the Nurses' Perceptions of the Use of Intradermal Sterile Water Injections in Labor survey, labor nurses identified barriers to offering intradermal sterile water injections during labor. Individual and institutional characteristics were associated with higher perceived barriers. Nurses who reported working primarily day shift ( t = 2.06, p = .05), higher epidural rates ( r = .45, p = .018), and higher physician-attended deliveries (t = 2.06, p = .05) reported more barriers. There were no significant differences in perception of barriers for nurses working at hospitals with different levels of care or with higher cesarean rates. The culture of the labor unit in which nurses provide care influences the perception of barriers to the use of intradermal sterile water injections during labor.

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