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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Vickie Walker


The success of colonoscopy in early detection and treatment of colonic lesions depends upon adequate bowel preparation. This study addresses factors related to the adequacy of bowel preparation for colonoscopy with a focus on patient factors including variables related to demographics as well as compliance. The hypothesis of the study of factors related to the adequacy of bowel preparation for colonoscopy is that certain patient factors are associated with inadequate colon preparation independent from preparation type or timing of the procedure.

Patient related factors were compared to colonoscopy procedure completion, compliance with colonoscopy preparation instructions and quality of colon preparation. Quality of colon preparation was found to have a significant effect on procedure completion along with compliance of participants with preparation instruction and presence of side effects to the colonoscopy preparation. The only factor studied with a significant impact on compliance with colonoscopy preparation instructions was presence of preparation side effects. The only significant factors related to quality of colon preparation were presence of side effects and compliance with preparation instructions.

The greatest value from this study is that it leads to additional questions for further research. The lack of significance on outcomes of general patient demographics indicates that other factors may influence patient compliance with colon preparation for colonoscopy and procedure completion.

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