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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Janie Carlton


This capstone project examined nursing students' technology acceptance of podcasting as a tool for nursing skill acquisition. Technology acceptance was determined by measuring the students' perceived competence of the skill along with the perceived usefulness and ease of use of the provided podcasts. A convenience sample of 49 first semester nursing students from an associate degree and practical nursing program participated in the project. Perceived competence of the three nursing skills: obtaining vital signs, inserting a Foley catheter, and performing a sterile dressing change was examined and compared from pre-podcast availability to post-podcast availability. The overall means of the nursing students' perceived usefulness and ease of use of the provided podcasts were also examined to determine their technology acceptance. The overall mean scores for both nursing student groups determined there was a significant increase of perceived competence from pre-podcast to post-podcast utilization with all three nursing skill podcasts offered. In addition, both nursing student groups were found to perceive the podcasts as both useful and easy to use.

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