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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Nicole Waters


Transformational Leadership behaviors are essential to build and sustain a healthy work environment in healthcare. Nurse Managers who possess transformational leadership behaviors lead nursing teams with a higher degree of engagement, work satisfaction, and retention. The purpose of this project was to perform an assessment of transformational leadership characteristics among nurse managers and assistant nurse managers, develop an educational program to teach transformational leadership behaviors, and incorporate a transformational leadership assessment into the orientation onboarding process of new nurse managers and assistant nurse managers. The Full Range Leadership Model (FRLM) asserts leaders should use multiple leadership characteristics or behaviors to effectively lead teams. A voluntary convenience sample of 21 Registered Nurses who held a nurse manger or assistant nurse manager role participated in this project. The tool used to assess leadership characteristics was the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire-5X (MLQ-5X). Of the participants who attended the two presentations which were intended to review the MLQ-5X leadership characteristic assessment results, no one indicated the ability to discuss the importance of transformational leadership behaviors prior to the education, while 65% of the attendees indicated the ability to discuss the importance of transformational leadership behaviors following the education. In addition, 100% of the Nurse Manager and Assistant Nurse Manager participants who attended the education indicated the MLQ-5X leadership assessment tool should be administered to all newly hired nurse managers and assistant nurse managers as part an onboarding educational plan. Of the participants attending the two presentations to share transformational leadership behaviors to retain registered nursing staff, 82% indicated the presentation was “absolutely” beneficial. No one indicated the education was not beneficial to their individual leadership education.

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