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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Gayle Casterline


Teaching caring, caring science, and the importance of caring competencies incorporated throughout the academic curriculum is vital in healthcare education. The purpose of this project is to increase the focus and importance of caring through didactic, interactive activities, and simulation experiences to promote the modeling and incorporation of caring competencies throughout the curriculum. Boykin and Schoenhofer's Caring Theory (2001) framework makes the assumption all persons are caring, and notes the caring relationship between the nurse/provider and the patient takes place in both actual practice and the simulated environment. A convenience sample of 32 first year ADN students enrolled in a Fundamentals of Nursing course participated in this study. Qualitative results revealed a new awareness of the importance and focus of caring competencies by students. The Caring Efficacy Scale (CES) was used for quantitative data revealing paired samples t test showing the mean for the pre CES (M = 5.16) implementation was slightly less than the mean for the post CES (M = 5.39). A paired samples t test (t (30) = -8.06, p

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