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Cindy Miller


The stress of the novice nurse impacts the quality of patient care, emotional, and physical wellbeing of the novice nurse and hospital costs. The aging of the Baby Boomer generation is impacting the nursing profession. These factors should be addressed to promote the retention of novice nurses in the profession. Research has shown that the mitigation of stress in the novice nurse can have a positive impact on the nursing shortage. An inundation of literature exists on the evolution process from the academic to the clinical setting, but few studies identified resources to provide support to the novice nurse. Strategies are necessary to aid new graduate nurses in the management and inhibition of emotions of stress due to transitioning into working in the complex healthcare environment. The purpose of this research was to assess if use of the Deep Breathing Relaxation Technique (DBRT) has an impact on the novice nurse’s stress level. The Nursing Stress Scale (NSS) was administered to novice nurses in a Nurse Residency Program. These nurses were then educated on use of the Deep Breathing and Relaxation Technique and were encouraged to practice it daily and during times of stress. Approximately four weeks later, the NSS was administered to the same novice nurses. The results showed that the DBRT does impact stress, but the findings were not statistically significant.

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