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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Nicole Waters


Workplace violence (WPV) is a significant issue in today’s healthcare field, especially for nurses in the emergency department. WPV is defined by action of verbal abuse, threats, disruptive behavior, harassment, intimidation and/or physical abuse, or assault (Stene, Larson, Levy, & Dohlman, 2015). Emergency Department (ED) registered nurses (RNs) are in a prime position to experience WPV due to the nature and purpose of the emergency room. To address effectively the problem of WPV against RNs in the ED, it is crucial first to understand how nurses in this setting perceive WPV from patients and/or visitors. In a Level I Trauma Emergency Department in South Carolina, the “Emergency Registered Nurses’ Perceptions of Workplace Violence” survey was sent via electronic mail to RNs in the ED. Results from the questionnaire indicated that nurses are exposed to WPV on a regular basis, but often do not have effective tools to prevent a violent incident. Reducing and eliminating WPV are goals worth pursuing to provide successful safety measures for nurses and quality care for patients.

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