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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Tracy Arnold


Aims: To explore levels of stress among nurses working in medical-surgical, telemetry and medical-telemetry nursing departments. Background: Bedside nurses are continuously confronted with stressful situations. These stressors can be very unpredictable and varying in intensity. As the nurse will face many different stressors, it is important for leadership to recognize the origin of the stress in order do everything possible to promote positive outcomes. Conquering stress within nursing departments provides a benefit for the greater good. Methods: This study used a descriptive, correlational study design. The association of occupational job stress for a nurse working within medical-surgical, telemetry, and medical-telemetry nursing departments were examined. This research study took place in a 450 bed non-profit acute care facility located in the southeast United States. This research study focused on the following units: medical- surgical, telemetry, and medicaltelemetry nursing departments. Participants were asked to complete the Nurse Stress Index (NSI) to assess levels of stress collectively and within each nursing department. Conclusion: Although there was moderate to extreme levels of stress within several of the questions on the survey, there were no significant levels of stress noted overall. The areas where stress was noted were within the modalities of time, priorities, difficult patients, and dealing with relatives. In addition, levels of stress did not vary from department to department.

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