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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Rebecca Beck-Little


Workplace incivility is becoming commonplace in all work environments including health care. Research highlights the dangerous, distressing, and costly side effects of lateral workplace incivility (LWPI) including nursing staff's overall health, organizational commitment, and intent to stay. Historically, organizations have been considered safe work environments but LWPI has increased over the last several decades. There has also been limited research related to LWPI as it affects psychiatric healthcare staff and no study recommending a needs assessment or developing a position to educate and assist victims. The purpose of this project was to assess psychiatric healthcare staff's understanding and exposure to lateral workplace incivility, develop and provide education on LWPI, and develop a position for a LWPI Nurse Liaison to develop zero tolerance policies, provide immediate intervention when LWPI occurs, and develop processes of progressive action in response to repeated acts of incivility.

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