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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Rebecca Beck Little


Clinical experience is the most important component of nursing education (Gaberson and Oermann, 2007; Walker, 2005). As part of the clinical education environment, the teaching behaviors of nursing faculty have considerable potential to influence students' learning. To produce effective learning by students, nurse educators have a responsibility to instruct students so that learning is optimal. The purpose of this study was to explore students' perception of clinical teaching behaviors of nursing faculty. The study uncovers new knowledge about clinical teaching behaviors based on the student's perceptions during their own clinical experiences. A non-experimental survey, descriptive exploratory design was used. A single convenience sample was drawn from senior level nursing students attending an on-campus associate degree nursing program in southern North Carolina. All students had completed clinical courses involving patient care. The instrument utilized was the Nursing Clinical Teacher Effectiveness Inventory (NCTEI) (Morgan and Know, 1985). The NCTEI consists of 47 teaching behaviors for which students rated frequency of use for the clinical instructor on a seven point Likert scale.

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