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The Web Magazine focuses on alumni news and campus events from Gardner-Webb College; now Gardner-Webb University. This issue of The Web is known as the Homecoming Edition; however, it does still start out with the President's Update by Frank R. Campbell. Then, the issue highlights "The Value of Accreditation" in which they list and describe several different types of accreditation. "Since We Last Met", is a section giving general updates including that of the stadium project and how it is underway. A few students decide to give a gift with the "Locks of Love" program in which they grow their hair out and then cut off around 10 inches of their hair to donate to girls who have cancer and lost their hair. With sports, the football program takes home second straight conference title. Lastly, since this was the homecoming edition, it is proper to include many great articles and pictures to set the scene.

Publication Date

Winter 2004


Gardner-Webb University


Boiling Springs, NC


The Web Magazine, Gardner-Webb College, Gardner-Webb University, Boiling Springs, NC, Alumni News, Homecoming Edition, Dr. Frank R. Campbell, Accreditation, Stadium Project, Locks of Love, Sports, Football

The Web Magazine 2004, Winter