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The 2021 edition of The Broad River Review was edited by C. V. Davis and Anna Grace Jones.

COVER PHOTOGRAPHY: Guilherme Bergamini, Dolabela Engineer

THE RASH AWARD IN FICTION: Alan Sincic, The Sinkhole

THE RASH AWARD IN POETRY: John Blair, Eclogue 4: The Woodpecker

POETRY: Estelle Bajou, I Never Learned to Pray; George Bandy, The Ever-Changing City & Life, 1938; Michael Beadle, My Mother’s Rock Collection; Peter Bergquist, Journey; Robert Beveridge, A Salt Rifle; \Vivian I. Bikulege, Read the Water; Adam Burgess, Phantom; Camille Carter, Georgia O’Keeffe, From the Faraway, Nearby, 1937; Kenneth Chamlee, Vision; Sharon Charde, Almost; Stephany L.N. Davis, Prayer for My Niece; Mary Christine Delea, I’m Faster Than My Brothers; David Dixon, The Practice; Mary Alice Dixon, Hungry Love Seeks Dressy Dimestore Woman; Timothy Dodd, Advent; E.R. Donnelly, Phantom; William Doreski, Benjamin’s Grave; Hollie Dugas, Picasso’s Last Poem to Dora Maar; Julia Nunnally Duncan, Colitis; T.K. Edmond, Litany of St. Loser; Terri Kirby Erickson, The Lette; Joel Ferdon, After Burying My Hummingbird; Robert Fillman, Melting Point; Daniel Ginsburg, The Missing Boy; Ben Groner III, When a Country Is a Metaphor; Rich Glinnen, Ticking and Turning; Cordelia Hanemann, Medusa by Matchlight; Ryan Harper, Eleutherian Mills; Joseph Hardy, On 4th of July; Mark Henderson, Hercules in Fugue; Joan Hofmann, Brown Trout; Elizabeth W. Jackson, Three Gardenias; Lowell Jaeger, At the Office Window; Jonathan Latimer, Night Walk; Sheree La Puma, Driftless; Amy S. Lerman, Mimeograph; Margaret Marcum, Steam; Nicole Matis,The Cutting Room; S.B. Merrow, Heaven Gives Its Glimpses; Cindy Milwe, Anniversary; Sally Stewart Mohney, Wearing My Pale Life; Ruby Hansen Murray, Davis Peak Road; Andrew Najberg, Year of the Rat; Ryan Nelson, Trolling the Dam at Night; Cassady O’Reilly-Hahn, Ergodic Apocalypse; Robert L. Penick,Thrift Store; Michele Parker Randall, Hermeneutics; Isaac Rankin, Anthem; Alyssa D. Ross,The Dream of Growing Old; Michael Salcman, Forensic Book Report; Claire Scott, We Are Not Given More Than We Can Handle; Emily Scudder, Tidying; Duncan Smith, Paper Is; Shannon Spies, Otero Mesa; Matthew J. Spireng, What They Do; Jo Barbara Taylor, Chenille; Diane Thiel, Interplanetary Spelling Bee; Randolph Thomas, Cypress Cones; Lucinda Trew, Standing at the Fence Staring into Cows Eyes; Waiting for a Sign; Charles Wheeler, Heir Apparent; Bob Wickless, Monarchs in September; Nancy H. Womack, The Brothers Wyeth

FICTION: Chris Belden, The Bones of Chester Slocum; Benjamin Chappelow, Blackdamp; Sarah DeLena, Swan Song; Bailey Flynn, The Trip; Jim Gish, A Slave to the Monkey Man; Summer Hammond, At the Top; Kendall Klym, Reading Lint; Brodie Lowe, The Upper Room; Carol Luther, Unquiet Spirits; Catherine Malcynsky, Have You Seen This Dog?; Thomas Maya, The Biggest Splash; Lane Osborne, Gallop; Michele Parker Randall, The Waiters; John Thomson, My Father One Night;

CREATIVE NONFICTION: George Bandy, Not the Destination; Susan Berardi, Let Slip the Dogs of Hope; Michael Brantley, No More to the Lake; Gaylord Brewer, Suicide; Kayla Jessop, Better Homes & Gardens Advises to Create Depth with Houseplants; Kevin Lichty, Cowboy Up, or Apache Junction Makes Men of the Saguaros; Virginia Ryan, Unforgettable

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Gardner-Webb University


Boiling Springs


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Volume 53 (2021)