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The 2022 edition of The Broad River Review was edited by C. V. Davis, Meredith Bridges, Sarah Goode, Sarianna Miranda-Rosado, and Hannah Travis.

COVER PHOTOGRAPHY: Lex Lucius, Majestic Horses: Pancho Close-Ups 1 & 2

THE 2022 RASH AWARD IN FICTION: Maureen Sherbondy, Rules of the Rich

THE 2022 RASH AWARD IN POETRY: Stephen Benz, Uncle Jerry, Missing in Action

THE 2022 FOOTHILLS POETRY AWARD: Neha Patel, Too Close to the Lights

THE 2022 J. CALVIN KOONTS POETRY AWARD: Hannah Ray, Aubade for the Boatman

POETRY: Jeffrey Alfier, Downcoast at Hampton Roads; George Bandy, Counting Back; Tina Barr, Still Life With Fruit Dish; Roy Bentley, (Sometimes I Feel) Like a Red-Collared Dog; Peter Bergquist, Basements; Terry Hall Bodine, Paper Boats; Dorothy Howe Brooks, Wanderers; Kathleen Calby, Harvest of Ice; Camille Carter, Feet of Clay; Kenneth Chamlee, Random Hours I Look at the Clock; Douglas Cole, The Eeriness of the Nightwalk; Stephany L.N. Davis, The Unmoving; Laine Derr, Without You; Timothy Dodd, Marvel Exchange; Hollie Dugas, Self Portrait as a Swiss Army Knife; Alan Elyshevitz, The Art of Fire and Smoke; Robert Fillman, On Rembrandt’s A Lady and Gentleman in Black; Katherine Gaffney, Notre Dame, 1994; Daniel Ginsburg, Animator; Adrianna Gordey, Dorothy Gale Goes to the Beach; Patricia L. Hamilton, Idol Worship; Todd Heldt, Afternoons; Ann Howells, Graffiti; Rosa Lane, The Victorian Dissident; Mary Dean Lee, Woodstove; Mark Madigan, First Snow; Jessica Mehta, God, Mother; Ryan Nelson, Empty Nest; Cathlin Noonan, Setting the Record; Richard Parisio, The Last Man on Earth; J.C. Reilly, My Cajun Cousin Fabienne Advises on Marriage; Anna Laura Reeve, Flower Moon; Claire Scott, Still Life With Tennis Racquet; Maureen Sherbondy, Mother of Sons; William Snyder, Call Me Pain for a Little While Longer; Noel Sloboda, Motley; Matthew J. Spireng, Flight 5585, Bozeman to Chicago; Brett Thompson, Starlight; Lucinda Trew, God and All the Soldiers; Victoria Twomey, Paradise; Danielle Ann Verwers, October; Ann Weil, Sonnet While Waiting for the Hurricane; Bob Wickless, Words for Nikola Tesla; Kuo Zhang, From X-Small to X-Large

FICTION: Glenn Armocida, Pinned; Terry Hall Bodine, The Burn; Jim Gish, The River of Light; Chad Gusler, Man of Sorrows; Annette Leavy, The Free Temple; Emily Mathis, Baddies; Kai Mawougbe, F3; Ray Morrison, The Man Who Got Away; Kelly Talbot, The Witch Woman; Randolph Thomas, Late Reunion; Hannah Wells, Or Something Like That Chris Wiberg, Juicebox;

CREATIVE FICTION: Genalea Barker, Unless, Of Course, It Doesn’t; Timothy Caldwell, My Father’s Funeral; Miranda Campbell, The Saddest, Most Beautiful Place in Georgia; Evan Gurney, An Intruder in My House; Lucinda Trew, Mothers and Mirrors; Sara Watkins, The Child Who Ate Words

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Gardner-Webb University


Boiling Springs


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Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | English Language and Literature | Fiction | Nonfiction | Poetry

Volume 54 (2022)