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The 2023 edition of The Broad River Review was edited by C. V. Davis and Ella Knowles.

COVER PHOTOGRAPHY: Scott Holstein, St. Marks Foggy Palms

THE 2023 RASH AWARD IN FICTION: Maureen Sherbondy, Rules of the Rich

THE 2023 RASH AWARD IN POETRY: Marina Hope Wilson, Origin

THE 2023 J. CALVIN KOONTS POETRY AWARD: LaNora Paige McIntyre, Winter Shopping

THE 2023 FOOTHILLS WRITING AWARD: Varleine Coq, Woes of a Lost Jersey Girl

POETRY: Ida Marie Beck, Matins; Lawrence Ernest Bridges, Watching TV; Anne Bucey, Canebrake; Alexandra Burack, The Eighth Child; Charles; Byrne, Photosensitivity; Jeremy Caldwell, Looking Past the Future; Sharon Charde, Love Me Do; Leonardo Chung, The Last Time I Set Foot in a Café; J. Mark Cooney, Body-Shop Icon; Caleb Coy, Blind Woman; Max Roland Ekstrom, The Vibrating Pines; Daniel Ginsburg, The Carpet; Daniel Gleason, Tagged; Carol Hamilton, Legends; Karen Luke Jackson, Plumbed; Carol Parris Krauss, Those Just Beyond the Backyard; Gary Lark, Gifts; Al Maginnes, Inevitable; Terri McCord, Sun Surround; Megan Mary Moore, For Evelyn McHale; Ryan Nelson, Aged Spirit; Scott Thomas Outlar, The Good Old Days; Lauro Palomba, Second Nature; Maria Palumbo, Frames; Daye Phillippo, Flock; Christy Prahl, An Insect Gives a Lesson on Darwinism; David B. Prather, Death of the Drive-In; Elisabeth Preston-Hsu, He Who Wanted to Taste Gibraltar; Annie Przypyszny, Opening Up; Xiaoqiu Qiu, Woman on a High Stool, Matisse, Las Vegas; Kelly Sargent, Seed Fruit; L.B. Sedlacek, Soda Shoppe Blues; Danielle Sellers, Letter to Myself, Age Six; Cassidy Shao, Seventh Grade Science; Matthew J. Spireng, For a Friend Hospitalized After a Fall from His Roof; David Starkey, Final Car Ride to the Vet; Max Stephan, A Requiem for Sylvia Plath’s ‘Mushrooms’; Jo Barbara Taylor, Wednesday Concert; Lucinda Trew, Remainderman; Allen Tullos, Silver Queen; Pamela Wax, England Has a Ministry of Loneliness Now; Bob Wickless, Reading Poetry on a Stage Where Chet Baker Once Played; Christy Wise, Goodwill; Diana Woodcock, The Peace of Detachment; Janice Zerfas, Albino Deer

FICTION: Gilbert Allen, God’s Second Chance; Nancy Brock, Porch Rocker; Timothy Dodd, Prism; Mindy Friddle, Weather Girl; S.G. Fromm, Mondi’s Malocchio; Billy Gee, Peanut Butter Balls and the Unanswered Letter; Laila Hartman-Sigall, Together We Hated Oureslves and Waited to Be Helped; Marianne Leek, Resurrecting Harleigh; Ray Morrison, Empty Sky; Barry Peters, JohnnyMac!; David E. Poston, A Valediction; Eric Rasmussen, Ms. Breyer’s Last Four Days; Alex Rost, Uncle Bill’s Mule; Maureen Sherbondy, The Mystery Shopper; Larry D. Thacker, A Good View; L. Vocem, Deportation Papers

CREATIVE FICTION: Brent House, The Heartwood Triptych; Jill Jepson, Subjunctive Mood; Michael Schoeffel, Coffee Shop; Martha Graham Wiseman, Feed Me

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Gardner-Webb University


Boiling Springs


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Volume 55 (2023)