Date of Award

Summer 2023

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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

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Earl Godfrey


To provide citizens with transparent financial information regarding the health of their respective districts, local government unit leaders must furnish governmental audit reports in a timely manner. Further, for management to effectively implement auditor suggestions for improvements, leaders must have accessibility to timely audited information. Many governmental units in the state of North Carolina have demonstrated significant lags in reporting timeliness and often miss state-mandated deadlines. Therefore, this research utilized ordinary least-squares regression to estimate the effects the variables representing report message and managerial competency, accountability, and audit environment groups had on the time required for each unit to file its annual audit report with the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer. Logistic regression was also used to estimate the effects these groups of variables had on units that filed audit reports after the North Carolina state-mandated submission deadline compared to those that filed on-time. Data was collected from audited financial statements, auditor reports, and financial information reports for units throughout N.C. for the fiscal year 2021. Two variables, findings and single audit, were found to have significant influence on units failing to meet state-mandated deadlines. The variable findings was also found to have statistical influence on audit report submission delays by local government units.

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