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Summer 2023

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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

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Ellen Campos Sousa


An unabating drive for continuous innovation in B2B manufacturing occurs due to global competitive pressures and shareholders demanding firm growth. Companies may emphasize partnerships and strategic alliances in this competitive environment to build value and create competitive advantage through innovation and worker ingenuity. This study investigates whether and how a combination of servant, empowering, and mindful leadership styles (SEM Leadership) influences the group culture by increasing the presence of psychological empowerment (PE), interorganizational trust (IOT), and cultivating a value co-creation context (VCC). The value co-creation process between supplier and customer is within management influence and represents a vital management lever to facilitate this required growth. The fuzzy-set Qualitative Comparative Analysis used in this investigation focuses on the conditions and outcomes in the boundary space between supplier and customer, assessing the necessity or sufficiency of SEM Leadership styles to foster an innovative culture. The research subjects are sales and procurement employees in the US steel-producing and consuming industry. The study discusses SEM leadership’s ability to psychologically empower boundary spanners who effectively cultivate and build interorganizational trust that, over time, becomes institutionalized. The main finding upholds the necessity and sufficiency of SEM Leadership for a value co-creation environment. Additionally, the research demonstrates some level of interchangeability between servant, empowering, and mindful leadership in achieving organizational results. This research suggests combining leadership styles might be better than adopting a singular style.


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