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Celebrate LC call numbers if you use them to organize the physical books in your library. Innovate in how you explain them to new students and new library staff. Seven principles for explaining LC call numbers are introduced. A few highlights: (a) All library staff should collaborate in explaining call numbers to new people, with each member of the staff explaining the things about call numbers which they understand. (b) All library staff's understanding of call numbers should be principle-based, not merely experiential. (c) Catalogers should play a central role in teaching about and promoting call numbers. (d) Most people come to Library of Congress call numbers after being exposed to Dewey Decimal call numbers. This presentation shows how Library of Congress call numbers are like another language for expressing concepts much like those expressed by Dewey call numbers. -- To exemplify the principles, a concrete example is presented (a six-page introduction to LC call numbers). -- Some of the information presented is also relevant at Dewey Decimal libraries, and this will be clearly pointed out for busy conference attenders.


Presented at 2017 NCLA Conference