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This project aims to evaluate the degree to which various library vendors are taking the privacy of library users into account. In 2018, the Library Freedom Project put together a Vendor Privacy Scorecard analyzing the privacy policies of twelve major vendors, but no follow-up study seems to have been conducted by the Project since then. I intend to conduct my own updated privacy policy audit of these and other significant library vendors (particularly those used by NC LIVE) to gain a better understanding of how well these vendors are accounting for and protecting the privacy of individual library users today. This largely involves an analysis (based on the criteria used by the Library Freedom Project and the guidelines found in the ALA Library Privacy Checklist for Vendors) of vendors’ posted privacy policies. In my presentation, I will discuss the results of my analysis.


Delivered at the 2023 NC LIVE Annual Conference at A-B Tech Community College in Asheville, North Carolina on May 19, 2023.