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In a time when more classes are being offered online and in-person reference desk questions are dwindling, it is even more crucial that librarians to seek out students where they are. One way of doing that is by befriending teaching faculty in discipline areas. Whether at the freshman or doctoral level, literature indicates that students prefer one-on-one interaction with librarians. But librarians undersell themselves and find themselves in a world of anonymity. It’s hard to be valued when you are invisible. By collaborating with the faculty, the librarian has the opportunity of embedding in online classes, co-instructing, receiving invitations to department meetings, and working one-on-one with the students through referral from supportive faculty members. This presentation will include tips for approaching faculty members and demonstrate vehicles for reaching students, whether on campus or virtual. While the information can be used at any level of instruction, graduate students bring particular issues to the table. Learn how to become your graduate students’ best friend!