Date of Award

Summer 2020

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Sydney Brown


This study works to assess the degree to which the impact of implementation of Mastery Learning can be described through teacher perception, academic achievement, and student growth. Elementary school teachers in a suburb in North Carolina implemented the Mastery Learning framework. The school’s end-of-grade test scores were above state and district averages but did not meet expected academic growth as identified by the state. These results are an indicator that many of the students were proficient but were not growing at an acceptable rate. Beginning in the 2017 school year, teachers attended professional development training on the framework, processes, and best uses of Mastery Learning in a classroom. I created a survey, piloted a focus group, examined responses, and analyzed achievement data to determine the impact of the implementation of Mastery Learning at this site. The impact of Mastery Learning on student achievement and growth were examined, and teacher perceptions were studied. The results from this study led to conclusions that a need exists for students to master necessary skills, either before learning takes places or as a corrective teaching when a deficit is presented in learning, in order to show growth in student achievement scores. My recommendations were for the school to continue to pursue professional learning on Mastery Learning practices. I also recommend continuation of research on many of the Mastery Learning framework aspects in order to maintain high fidelity standards, increase participation from the teachers, and provide students more time to meet growth on achievement tests.

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