Date of Award

Fall 2022

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Katherine Propst


The study evaluated the effectiveness of career and technical education internships during high school and gave the administration some insights that can guide the program forward. A key component of the program’s effectiveness is the impact the program has on the overall education and career choices of students involved in career and technical education (CTE). This formative program evaluation collected qualitative data by surveying students who had participated in internships while attending each of the high schools located in a school district in the western part of North Carolina to gain information regarding how their internships affected their educational path and career choices. Data were then categorized and analyzed using qualitative methods to determine if participating in internships during high school affects the choices in degrees sought and career paths taken. Results showed that for those who responded, the internships had a major effect on their career choices and that more information about the student, their experience, and their plans are needed as the student concludes their internship.

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