Date of Award

Spring 2023

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Michelle Bennett


This qualitative study was about teacher perceptions of how incorporating social and emotional learning addresses the social-emotional needs of students and relates to student success. Teacher perceptions help inform educational leaders and policy makers about the impact social and emotional learning can have on students and their success. The findings of this study led to three emerging themes. Those themes were teachers believe (a) there needs to be direct instruction in social and emotional skills; (b) social and emotional learning helps students academically by becoming self-driven, taking ownership of their learning and actions, building confidence, and persevering through challenging work; and (c) incorporating social and emotional learning into their daily classroom routines helps students develop essential social competencies, as shown through their interactions with adults and other students, showing kindness and empathy, handling their feelings and emotions, and making responsible choices. These themes helped to conclude that teachers perceive a connection between social and emotional learning and student success. This conclusion adds to the existing literature regarding the need for and benefits of social and emotional learning.

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