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Summer 2023

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Dale S. Lamb


This purpose of this project was to address the cultural and religious barriers when answering various questions concerning the Bible and daily living for online ministries. In order to be able to effectively convey the gospel message, any online ministry and its staff members need a good understanding of varying and different cultures or religions via online resources of those different religions and cultures. These resources aid in the efficiency and effectiveness of the online ministry staff by enhancing cultural and religious awareness. These resources decrease follow-up questions for further clarification of original questions as well as decrease the reassignment of questions. These resources are used in training and evaluating ministerial staff in their understanding and effectiveness. These resources increase the positive outcome to a better understanding of the salvific message that increase of professions of faith globally. An explanatory sequential design has been used as a mixed methodology. A Likert survey and multiple open ended questions were conducted with the eight (8) editors of GQM, all of whom gave their perception of what kind of resources would be available and how it can be accessed. The literature review was enlightening particularly the Peace Child demonstrating the need for understanding other cultures and religions to convey the salvific message. The findings are that any online ministry preparing to evangelize through technology, is in need of such resources, tools, and training. For online ministries, the mission field is a global stage and there are various cultures, religions, and Christian denominations worldwide.

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