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Summer 2023

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Dale Lamb


Most organizations were created because there was a need for a service, product, or mission that would assist others in need. When considering what compels volunteers and workers to be consistent in organizations, motivation is imperative. The behavior of leadership, especially the ability to influence, has affected the volunteers and workers of the company in a positive or negative way. Leaders have played a chief role in drawing and retaining workers and volunteers. The purpose of this study was to show that our motivations are already inside of us, and this was key for leaders to realize the importance of finding out what the motivations were to connect and increase volunteers and workers consistency to remain with an organization. A mixed methodology was used with eight participants using a quantitative and qualitative analysis. The key findings include when you have workers that have esteem and self-actualization needs, giving them more leadership roles will enhance their consistency to the organization. This implies that when leaders meet those motivators, they win. The bonding that happens due to our common circumstances, interests, or conditions is essential for our engagement, which affects our health. This will add to their engagement and commitment to the organization. To be an effective leader, consideration of the workers’ or volunteers’ uniqueness and experiences prior to coming to that organization is a motivational incentive.

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