Date of Award

Fall 2023

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Sara Newell


This research study explored the critical topic of parental engagement and equitable family partnerships. The study aimed to provide holistic insight by uncovering internal and external stakeholders' combined perceptions regarding equitable parental engagement to establish a protocol for individualized support. Purposeful sampling was used to select the study’s participants. Participants were categorized into two groups: internal stakeholders, who included teachers, social workers, and administrators; and external stakeholders, who included parents and guardians. Open-ended surveys and interviews were used to collect insight from internal and external stakeholders. The data were analyzed thematically and interpreted against Epstein et al.’s (2019) and Darling-Hammond’s (2010) theories. This research has important practical implications for promoting equitable family engagement, such as actively implementing outreach programs to engage families; providing parent education and support in the form of workshops, training, and resources; and leveraging technology for improved communication.

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