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Spring 2024

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Shelley West


According to the content found on its website, AVID has conducted studies to evaluate the academic performance of AVID students when compared to their non-AVID peers. A distinct research endeavor was undertaken to evaluate the impact of introducing AVID Elementary within a small rural school district. This study focused on student academic achievement as measured by the South Carolina College and Career Readiness (SCREADY) assessments. This study also examined the effects of attending AVID Elementary schools as students transition to middle school. An independent t test was conducted to compare the scale scores of AVID Elementary and non-AVID Elementary students on the state assessment. The examination of the study findings revealed that there was no substantial disparity in student achievement averages as indicated by SCREADY scale scores. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that in numerous cases, students attending the AVID Elementary school exhibited higher mean scale scores in SCREADY assessments for both English language arts and mathematics. The study also put forth recommendations for future research.

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