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Fall 2020

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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David Shellman


This research study examined current reflective practices used by kindergarten through 12th grade teachers in a single school district in North Carolina. The study sought to identify themes regarding the impact reflection has on teacher effectiveness, with effectiveness being measured by the five teaching standards of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. I identified participants as National Board certified teachers and Non-National Board certified teachers to study the similarities and differences in reflective practices between the two groups. A questionnaire, self-assessment, and interviews were utilized to collect participant data. This study’s data showed that teachers from both groups utilized reflection and identified how it impacted their effectiveness within the North Carolina teaching standards. The data showed National Board Certified Teachers believed video-enhance reflection to be impactful, however; due to barriers it was not utilized frequently. While both groups found reflection to be impactful, National Board Certified Teachers’ perceived effectiveness was greater than Non-National Board Certified Teachers. Educational leaders should strive to create a culture where reflection is valued by providing time, support, and instructional coaching for teachers, as the benefits of reflection are impactful in developing effective teachers.

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