Date of Award

Spring 2021

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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William Steve Stone


The purpose of this study was to review and analyze the strategies teachers use in order to develop positive teacher/student relationships in the classroom of a high-poverty, at-risk school district. The cross-case analysis was performed to determine teacher perceptions of their interactions with students and how they influence academics and behavior. Determining the mindset changes needed to maintain positive relationships will provide information that will be used to build effective schools through teacher trainings. Through analysis of teacher interviews, classroom observations, and journal entries, five predominate themes were determined. Relationships, culture, classroom management, high-quality instruction, and engagement were found to be the foundation of positive teacher/student relationships. Data determined that mindset changes are necessary to maintain positive relationships between teachers and students. These positive relationships are essential to successful learning environments. The data also showed that teacher perceptions of their interactions with students influence the academic and behavioral success in the classroom. In this study, identified specific factors associated with teacher/student interactions have provided strategies to improve the educational learning environment.

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