Date of Award

Fall 2020

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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William Stone


This dissertation was designed to examine how experiences, education, and professional development informed culturally responsive pedagogy and influenced teacher beliefs in their ability to guide students to success when employing culturally responsive teaching practices. The research school district was located in the piedmont region of North Carolina. It was determined after reviewing the district’s historical student achievement data there was a trend of underachievement by marginalized groups of students. Licensed educators completed the Culturally Responsive Teaching Self-Efficacy (CRTSE) Scale and the Culturally Responsive Teaching Outcome Expectancy (CRTOE) Scale in order to determine their level of preparedness to teach students from culturally diverse backgrounds and to determine their level of confidence in the positive outcomes associated with culturally responsive teaching (CRT). Student outcome data was used to determine if the adoption of the district’s professional development program positively impacted student achievement in third through eighth grade pilot classrooms. Teacher focus group data was used to identify what 12 teachers did differently in their instruction after participating in district–sponsored professional development. Findings included a CRSTE mean score of 74.58 and CRTOE mean score of 84.27. These scores indicated teachers did not feel confident in their abilities to work with students from culturally diverse backgrounds, however they did believe in the positive outcomes associated with CRT. The results of this study were inconclusive with regard to improved student achievement as measured on standardized benchmark assessments. Focus group data found several things that educator’s did differently after participation in a district-sponsored professional development program. This study contributes information, which could be useful to school and district leaders as they plan high quality professional opportunities for educators.

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