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Fall 2021

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Sydney Brown


This mixed methods study examined initially licensed teachers’ culturally responsive teaching self-efficacy (CRTSE) using the CRTSE survey and conducting interviews with initially licensed teachers scoring above the mean on one or more CRTSE constructs. It extended upon previous work conducted by Siwatu (2011) that explored the CRTSE experiences of preservice teachers. Siwatu’s (2011) study focused on subjects’ teacher education programs before they entered the teaching profession. Participants in this replication study were initially licensed teachers who shared opportunities from teacher preparation to in-service development as an influence on their CRTSE. The study explored these influences as an impact on behavior based on Bandura’s (1997) social cognitive theory. The findings show initially licensed teachers are most confident in practices associated with building a classroom community and adapting instruction to student needs and development. Less confidence was associated with instructional practices and skills pertaining to culturally and linguistically diverse students. This is in part due to limited learning opportunities associated with teaching diverse populations. As a result, this study proposed local education agencies provide increased support opportunities including video recordings of teachers as a resource and reference. These recordings are designed for self-reflection to address implicit biases that impact teaching a culturally and linguistically diverse population, to foster collegial inquiry to increase teacher capacity to recognize beliefs and assumptions, and to provide recorded models of instructional practices and techniques that are specifically designed for teaching diverse students.

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